The Importance of a Mobile First Website

More and more your future customers and existing customers will access your website using their mobile devices – smartphones, iPad, etc.  More importantly Google and other search engines are indexing mobile friendly sites first.  If your site is NOT mobile friendly, your search engine ranking will be penalized and the chances of your website being found on the first page are reduced radically if not nearly impossible. 

Facebook Friday -- Adding Another Administrator To Your Business Page

Here is our Facebook Friday Tip #2

Another question that came up in the recent Facebook seminar was “How can I access a page that I didn’t create for my company or business?”  It is always a good idea to have more than one Administrator for a business page.

Facebook Friday -- Advanced Facebook Marketing

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a group of business owners.  This event was sponsored by the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce and they did a wonderful job making sure that I had everything I needed for my presentation.  Several questions came up in the discussion so I have decided to post a Facebook tip every Friday. 

One of the questions asked frequently was what do you do if two business pages have been created for your business?

Computer Classes

There is so much technological information available, it is hard to sort it all out.  I have decided to share that information with you through computer classes at the shop.  All classes will be on Thursday evening -- starting at 6 p.m. and ending at 7:30 p.m.  Each class will cost $25 for each participant.  You will need to call 585-567-2010 to reserve your spot as seating is limited for each session.  If you have questions concerning classes and what is offered please feel free to contact us.  A detailed description of the upcoming classes is listed below:

Why Every Business Should Have a Web Site

While planning a day trip I did a number of web searches to find particular stores that I might want to visit while on my excursion. I was really surprised at the lack of information available for local businesses for where I was visiting. When I arrived at my destination I was equally surprised at the number of businesses that were located in that area and had I been able to know that they existed I would have planned my trip differently to include a visit to them.

Using a Blog To Grow Your Business

To Blog or Not To blogYou have your own business and now you have your own website.  Despite this you may not be getting the website traffic you were hoping for.  What can you do to help increase your traffic?  Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tricky game of cat and mouse just to get your site noticed.  Content is an important part of the SEO process and one way to increase your content and level of expertise is with a Blog. 

Choosing a Website That Grows With Your Business

A website is the important link between a company and its customers providing an effective way to inform, market, and sell.  Despite this many websites are behind schedule with updates, have inconsistent information, or even have pages with links that no longer work.  Is this the type of impression you want to present to your customers?  Will this website help your business grow or hinder it?