The Importance of a Mobile First Website

More and more your future customers and existing customers will access your website using their mobile devices – smartphones, iPad, etc.  More importantly Google and other search engines are indexing mobile friendly sites first.  If your site is NOT mobile friendly, your search engine ranking will be penalized and the chances of your website being found on the first page are reduced radically if not nearly impossible. 

Here are some things you should do to make sure your website is mobile friendly and easily found by the search engines:

  1.  Check out your website using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.
  2. Your customers are #1 – design for them and their ease of use.   Each screen size needs to be useable and friendly for all your customers.   If your website is not easy to use visitors will leave.
  3. Create quality content that is useful to your customers and visitors.  Quality content gives your users a reason to stay longer, trust your website, and thus reach your website goals – whether it is more visitors or more sales. 

If your website just doesn’t perform with the results you are looking for, contact us today.  We can design a website that is friendly and useable as well as responsive.  Give us a call today.