Why Every Business Should Have a Web Site

While planning a day trip I did a number of web searches to find particular stores that I might want to visit while on my excursion. I was really surprised at the lack of information available for local businesses for where I was visiting. When I arrived at my destination I was equally surprised at the number of businesses that were located in that area and had I been able to know that they existed I would have planned my trip differently to include a visit to them. With that in mind here are some reasons why small businesses need an online presence as much as they need a phone and a mailbox.

  • Current and potential customers expect you to have a website. The website has become not only a primary selling tool, but a cost-effective way to deliver your message to your customers and potential customers. It assists potential customers in finding your business and business information.
  • A well-designed website is an effective tool to differentiate your business from your competition. Use your website to highlight and showcase your services or products. Use your website to share your company story and information. Tell your customers why you are the best.
  • Having a website allows you to provide your business information 24/7. Potential and current customers do not have to wait for you to return calls. You can also have a list of frequently asked questions available about your products and services. Providing an email address, business phone number, and ours is equally important. As a future customer what information would you want to know about your company?
  • Establish your expertise for your business. A website allows you to let your potential customers and current customers know your level of expertise by offering noncurrent and helpful information. By establishing your authority the next time they are looking for your product or service, they will seek you out.

Selling your products online is a given for a website, but as you can see the benefits are endless. The bottom line is if you have a business, then you need a website.